Three video games that would make perfect television series adaptations

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Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto

There’s a ton of opportunity for storylines in the GTA universe. Hollywood’s bred and butter is cop shows such as NCIS, The Rookie, and even Homeland on Showtime. With the popularity of shows like Jack Ryan, even The Night Agent, and gang shows having success like The Sopranos, GTA is ripe for a massive small screen adaptation from a video game.

What makes the GTA series unique is not the game play as it’s average, but it’s the storylines of every character. Rockstar has knocked it out of the park with their flagship properties with gripping stories and characters that make an impact. Not only has GTA created a cult following, but nearly 10 years later, the game is still selling copies left and right.

Although I’m playing through this game for the first time, I can already see the value that game has and could see it coming to a streaming service like Max. Also, many of the voice actors have experience in being actors, like Steven Ogg who played in Westworld voices Trevor would be a great addition as they could be in the video game as well as the show. Filling out the other acting roles would be a massively hard decision to make since the show would be a dramatic take on something wild as well since within the first two hours of GTA:V incudes a freeway chase for a Yacht and stealing a motorcycle that goes south. However, a director I would love to see take the job on is Michael Mann, who already made a Grand Theft Auto movie in spirit with Heat.

Not to mention, this would be fantastic marketing to bring Grand Theft Auto: VI into the fold and release it along side of it.