Three video games that would make perfect television series adaptations

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Guerilla Games’ Horizon

Alloy is one of the coolest characters and the world of Horizon is full of stories to take. Guerilla Games created a unique and increasingly lovable world with games full of replay ability. The Killzone creators took care to create a world that was full of life and took a different take on an open, post apocalyptical world. Not only that, but the mechanics of the games are just beyond anything that I’ve played in a long time. The fast swapping of weapons, the gathering of resources can be obnoxious at certain points of the game, but it doesn’t take away from the experience of the story nor the experience of the game itself.

Where Horizon really shines is in it’s storytelling. The game provides a rich experience with deep character development which gives the player interesting storylines to follow. Guerilla gives us a Grand Theft Auto experience with cut scenes that explain the story while giving us time to flesh out the story as we progress. This game is ripe for a small screen adaptation.

This also begs the question, who should star as the leading role?

The most obvious choice is Sadie Sink who plays Max in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. Since Netflix is producing the Horizon show, I’d expect that she was at least called and offered the role too. The other obvious choice is Karen Gillan known for her roles in Jumanji and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has experience in stunts and also in performing those in suits. However, the leap from the big screen to the small screen may be something she’s not interested in. My third choice, and who I believe will get the part, is Rose Leslie known for her role in the HBO show Game of Thrones as Ygritte. She has experience in wild filming areas and also in production. A choice Director for me would be Alex Graves who directed multiple episodes of Game of Thrones, including the Battle of the Bastards and also was an executive producer along with Steven Spielberg on Terra Nova, a science fiction show that was canceled that involved Dinosaurs and other creatures so he has experience with something like we’d see for Horizon.

Currently, Horizon 2074 is announced but that’s all we know about it. No official release date or production start date or casting has been announced.