Three video games that would make perfect television series adaptations

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Movies and Video Game adaptations have historically not mixed very well. From Resident Evil to Doom, and even a promising Assassins Creed with a fantastic cast, video game adaptations have typically failed until The Last of Us proved it can be done.

Very few Video Game franchises can support a fanbase in the gaming community and also in the film community. In recent years, the last 15 years that is, we have seen movies such as Assassins Creed, Resident Evil films, Uncharted, and even Rampage. All this being said, none of those have blown us away.

Of all the movies listed above, Uncharted and Assassins Creed had the most potential. Uncharted  had one of the best casts in recent memory that included Mark Wahlberg, and Spiderman himself Tom Holland. However, the critical reception was less than warm and fans complained of the lack of inspiration from the games, something that producers and writers in Hollywood do constantly.

Halo is another video game adaptation that filed miserably due to not staying faithful to the games. Masterchief is regarded as one of the best characters in gaming and the showrunners, despite my person opinion on it, was not faithful to the game. John-117 was a quiet hero that just got the job done and didn’t have any cheesy lines, but rather the story was engaging as well as the deep history of the Halo Universe. The TV show threw all that out and created what they thought fans would want. Outside of a few action sequences between Brutes and some Elites, the show was passable at best, at least from a standpoint of Halo lore.

Uncharted also had a director known for comedy stories such as Zombieland, and a comicbook  movie with Venom. Uncharted suffered from two things: Hollywood storytelling and lack of inspiration from the games. Not only was this an odd choice for a movie adaptation since the game focuses more on the puzzle solving and moving around terrain in a creative way, the story was presented more as an Indiana Jones reception rather than it’s own story.

Assassins Creed  was another absolute failure. Michael Fassbender, for how good of an actor he is, was completely miscast and the film was aggressively unwatchable. The Assassins Creed games in general focus way more on storytelling and fluid combat where the player is more focused on stealth. Assassins Creed  focused more on the real life portion rather than in the Animus, effectively making this film dull and lacking innovation.

Here are a few games I’d like to see adapted to the big screen and who should direct it.