Was Bloodborne announced for PS5 or PC today?

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For what seems like years now we’ve heard rumors of Sony planning to release a remake or remaster of Bloodborne for PS5 and even PC. And it seems like every time there is a PlayStation Showcase, these rumors pick up steam.

Well, today, Sony hosted its latest livestream event and, of course, many tuned in with the hope of seeing Bloodborne announced for PS5 and PC. So was it?

Was Bloodborne finally announced for PS5 or PC?

Unfortunately, it was another letdown for Bloodborne fans. While today’s showcase was filled with tons of exciting announcements and reveals, a Bloodborne remake or remaster for PS5 and PC was not one of them.

Released in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Bloodborne received critical acclaim. The action-roleplaying game from FromSoftware was praised for its unsettling Gothic aesthetics and fast-paced combat with gameplay difficulty comparable to the popular Dark Souls franchise.

Now critical acclaim doesn’t necessarily result in commercial success, but in this case, Bloodborne’s sales exceeded Sony’s expectations.  And as the Soulsborne genre has only grown in popularity over the years, one would think that Sony would want to re-release one of its best exclusives.

But for whatever reason, Sony has not yet announced a remake, re-release, or sequel. And at this point, we’re starting to question if it will ever come to fruition.

Although you can play Bloodborne on PlayStation 5, it’s without any upgrades to its visuals or performance. Having recently gone back to the game after playing Elden Ring, Bloodborne was still enjoyable but it would no doubt benefit from a visual and performance ugprade.

If you’ve never played Bloodborne, it’s definitely worth playing on PS5, even without a remake. But fans are still clamoring for one.

For those on PC, your only hope of visiting the streets of Yharnam is on a PlayStation console. Although Sony has slowly been bringing its PlayStation exclusives to PC, and even acknowledged plans to expand on this, it doesn’t appear Bloodborne is on the radar right now.