Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Best way to farm Bomb Flowers

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Bomb Flowers are a very useful resource that you can find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

There are many uses of Bomb Flowers, but they are most commonly crafted with arrows to form explosive arrows for combat and to destroy certain structures. There are many uses to these Bomb Flowers which is why it is worth it to have a lot of them available for use when you need them.

While Bomb Flowers are very useful, they aren’t always the easiest to find. To find a good amount of Bomb Flowers, you want to complete enough of Tears of the Kingdom that you have Lookout Landing unlocked. You will then need to complete one of the four Temples that can be found in the game. The Temple to complete would be the Fire Temple as by completing it unlocks a very useful ability that will help you get the Bomb Flowers.

When you have completed the Fire Temple, head on over to Lookout Landing and speak to the Hyrule Guard that is near the center. The Hyrule Guard will open the entrance to the emergency bunker. As you make your way into the bunker, the tunnel will lead you to Hyrule Castle. On your journey through the tunnel, you will find roughly 20 Bomb Flowers and other various foods to collect. There are also ores down in this tunnel as well that you can collect and sell.

Once you are finished collecting everything from this tunnel, you can progress through the rest of the tunnel and complete some missions. When you are running low on Bomb Flowers or just might think you will need some extra in your inventory, you can return to this tunnel and farm them all over again. They will respawn and you will basically have an infinite number of Bomb Flowers at your disposal.

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Now that you know where to find Bomb Flowers in bulk, you will never need to worry about running out. When you find yourself running low, return to this area and stock back up.