The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All 4 Great Fairy Locations

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How to find the Great Fairy Tera in Tears of the Kingdom

To begin your journey to find the Great Fairy Tera, make your way to the Woodland Stables. The Woodland Stables is located Northeast of Lookout Landing and Southwest of Eldin Canyon. When you arrive, you should find Penn standing outside watching a band play. Talking to Penn initiates a conversation about the Great Fairies. Penn states that the Great Fairies are really into music and that there would have to be a way to take these musicians on the road with them to unlock the Great Fairies.

Behind Penn you will find a wagon that needs to be repaired. Go ahead and repair the wagon. Once the wagon is repaired, you will need to hook up your horse to the wagon using the Towing Harness. Go talk with the musicians and let them know that you plan on taking them to the Great Fairies.

Directly left of Penn and where the musicians were playing, there is a swivel path that leads up the giant hill. Take this path to the top and you will see the flower bud of the Great Fairy Tera. The musicians will play the Great Fairy Tera a nice little song to get her to open her bud. Now that Tera has been unlocked you can begin to upgrade pieces of your armor. However, the more Great Fairies that you unlock, the more tiers you will be able to upgrade. That is why it is better that you find all four Great Fairies to max your full armor potential.