Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All 10 Stim Canister Locations

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Stim Canister #6 (Located on Koboh)

The sixth Stim Canister will also require the Force Lift and Force Slam abilities and can be found by first traveling to the Derelict Dam Meditation Point. However, before you travel to the Meditation Point, you are first going to want to talk to Mosey in the Pyloon Saloon where she will give you a rumor of a Gorocco Matriach. Make your way to the Derelict Dam Meditaion Point and travel to the matriarch. Here you will need to defeat the Gorocco Matriarch so that you can claim the sixth Stim Canister.

Stim Canister #7 (Located on Koboh)

The seventh Stim Canister is most likely the last one that you will obtain on Koboh. From the Observatory Understructure Meditation Point, make your way up the rope. At the top of where the rope leads you, jump down to the nearest platform. Make your way to the top of this tower where you will eventually have to fight Urgost, Fist of Rayvis.

After you defeat Urgost, make your way down the hall to where you see a door that is partially opened. Throw a grapple point in the air and use that to get up and around to the upper platform where the Stim Canister is located.

Stim Canister #8 (Located in Jedha)

This may be the easiest Stim Canister to locate in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. In fact, it is almost impossible to miss. There will be a point where Cal and Merrin get all cuddly. After that cutscene takes place and you are following Merrin, the path leads you right to the Stim Canister.

Just in case you did end up missing this somehow, you can always fast travel to the Sheltered Hollow Meditation Point and follow the wall on the left that will lead you straight to the Stim Canister.