Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All 10 Stim Canister Locations

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Stim Canister #4 (Located on Koboh)

This one will be a bit trickier to get. The best starting point is from the Mountain Ascent Meditation Point. Travel down the path in front of you and make your way across the pond where you met Skoova for the first time. On the other side of the pond, take the winged creature to the other side of the canyon.

When you land, you will see a blue shack looking building. Inside the building is a door that you can’t open. The Stim Canister is on the other side. In order to get inside of the door, run back outside the blue shack and call a Nekko over to you. Ride the Nekko over the wall behind the blue shack which has a metal material that Cal can wall run on. When you wall run to the platform, you can then continue to make your way down the path, across the gap, and to the other side where a terminal can be sliced by BD.

By slicing the terminal, an explosive rolling droid will begin to follow you. Have the explosive droid follow you to the edge of the cliff so that you can force pick up the droid and throw it at the locked door from the opening in the roof of the blue shack. Now that the door is open, make your way inside to get your next Stim Canister.

Stim Canister #5 (Located on Koboh)

You won’t be able to get this next Stim Canister until you have learned the Force Lift and Force Slam ability later on in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Fast travel to the Viscid Bog Meditation Point. From the Meditation Point make your way down the top zipline all the way to the bottom. At the bottom of the zipline there will be a pole sticking out of the giant boulder where you just landed. When you get to the bottom of the zipline you will start to sink in the mud.

You are going to want to hook onto this pole and swing yourself as far forward as you can before you sink down into the mud. You will notice there are some stones just to the right of you after you swing off the pole. Make your way on top of theses stones and then travel to the platform that is located to the left. Now you are going to want to turn around and use your Force Lift ability to lift these stones that you were just stepping on out of the ground and turn them into pillars. Make your way across these stone pillars to the other side.

On the other side there Stim Canister will be sitting on the platform. Defeat the enemies, which includes a Legendary boss fight. Once they are defeated you can safely obtain the Stim Canister that you have been looking for.