Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All 10 Stim Canister Locations

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Staying alive is a vital part of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. There are many different things that you can do to keep you alive. However, Stims are a great tool that Cal can use to heal himself when things are getting a bit dicey.

At the beginning of the game, you start out with just two Stim chargers. This may seem great for the early stages of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but you will definitely need more. As your progress further through the game, you will notice that you will be taking damage quite more often and more Stims will come in handy. Luckily, there are 10 Stim Canisters scattered throughout the game. For every canister that you find, BD-1 will be able to hold onto an additional Stim. Meaning that by finding all 10 Stim Canisters, BD-1 will be holding onto 12 Stims in total.

Stim Canister #1 (Located on Coruscant)

The first Stim Canister can be found by traveling to the Undercity Meats Meditation Point. From the Meditation Point, go forward and climb up the wall with the red lights on both sides. At the top of the wall make your way forward and you will see the Stim Canister straight ahead.

Stim Canister #2 (Located on Koboh)

The second Stim Canister is fairly easy to get as well. Make your way to Doma’s Shop near the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. You have to make sure that you have 10 Priorite Shards so that you can purchase the Mysterious Keycode from Doma. Chances are that if you have been playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for quite a long time now, you will have more than enough shards that you need. When the Mysterious Keycode is purchased, it will allow BD-1 to slice open the door that is locked next to you in the shop. Head inside this room to find the second Stim Canister.

Stim Canister #3 (Located on Koboh)

Travel to the Basalt Rift Meditation Point. From the Meditation Point continue to head north on the path that is straight ahead. You will cross over the fallen pillar and notice an white arch on the path. Continue on the path and run under the white arch. Keep running on this path and make your way up the hill that follows after the white arch. At the top of the hill, you will want to turn left and defeat the Mogu. Once defeated climb up the vines on the wall and make your way down around the rock formation to find the third Stim Canister.