Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: How to get the Glide Armor Set (best early game armor)

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How to get the Glide Mask in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Your final stop to the complete Glide Armor Set is the Glide Mask. To get the Glide Mask you are going to want to travel to the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower which is just East of the Lanayru. Complete this tower and launch Link right out of the Skyview Tower. From this tower you are going to want to land on the island in the picture down below.

What is really unique about this platform is that there is a flying platform that you can ride that is surrounded by four batteries. Hop onto this platform and begin riding it off into the distance and you should see a platform with water down below you. When you feel like you are in a good position, jump off the flying device and head towards the island with the pool of water.

When you get onto the island, you will never guess what you have to do. You have to talk to a Steward Construct and complete your third and final Time Trial. Once this Time Trial has been completed, the Steward Construct will reward you with the Glide Mask.

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Now that you have all three pieces of the Glide Armor, your Skydive Mobility is going to be way up and your fall damage is going to be reduced. Remember that not all fall damage is negated, but it can be later on. Once you unlock the Great Fairies and level up each piece of Glide Armor to level 2, you can get rid of fall damage from any height while you are wearing the full armor set. Now with the Glide Armor Set fully equipped, your early game exploration is going to be a lot more efficient.