Tears of the Kingdom: How to find Fierce Deity Armor set

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How to find the Fierce Deity Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

The next piece that you are looking for is the Fierce Deity Armor. This piece can be located Northeast of Central Hyrule and South of Akkala in the area known as the Akkala Citadel Ruins.

In this area make your way to the coordinates X: 3282, Y:1503, Z: 0417. This should bring you to a secluded corner of the Citadel with nothing there but a tiny hole in the left wall. Sneak crouch your way through this little hole in the wall and it will lead you to the chest in the floor containing the Fierce Deity Armor.

How to find the Fierce Deity Mask in Tears of the Kingdom

The final piece of the complete Fierce Deity Armor Set is the Fierce Deity Mask. The mask can be found in the northern region of Akkala in Skull Lake.

In the center of Skull Lake is a giant rock structure with a small hole at the very top. If you have enough stamina, you can glide in from up above. However, if you don’t have enough stamina or tools that give you additional stamina, you can also climb up the massive tower from the bottom. Either way will suffice. When you reach the top of the tower, make your way down through the center hole where you will now be entering the Skull Lake Cave.

At the bottom of the tower, make your way through the Skull Lake Cave. There will be quite a few monsters down here that you need to defeat. There will also be a wall that you need to break to progress even further through the cave. When you break the rocky wall to progress to an even bigger area of the Skull Lake Cave. Here there will be some more enemies to try and defeat and also the Stalnox Boss fight.

To receive the Fierce Deity Mask, you do not need to defeat the Stalnox Boss. You might as well defeat the boss while you are here, but it is not required by any means. Instead, all you need to do is make your way up the top of the giant pillar in the middle of the room. The chest is located on top of this pillar, containing the Fierce Deity Mask.