Best things to Fuse in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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By now, you’ve probably heard or seen some of the funny videos making their way around the internet with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and the new Fuse ability. Koroks getting yeeted off the edge of a cliff or barbecued alive and players making massive orbital satellites to take down an enemy in seconds. But, there are a lot more functional uses that we will cover below with the best things you can do with the Fuse ability.

1. Jet Pack and Hoverboard in one

Some of these creations are weapons and some are handy dandy transportation aids. The first one that has many uses, and that is a rocket shield and hoverboard. All you need to do this is a Zonaite rocket and a shield. By fusing the rocket to your shield, you gain the ability to create both a jetpack and a hoverboard. Standing on the ground and bringing out your rocket strapped shield causes you to shoot straight up in the air. Not only is this good to avoid fights when low on health, but it also gets you the ability to paraglide to a nearby ledge or reach a height you couldn’t do with Ascend.

Also, once you are in the air at any point, deploying your shield makes you surf on it like a hoverboard. If the rocket is attached, you can hover as long as you want in the sky. Now, the charge for the rocket resets each time you put it away. So, you can bring out the shield, put it away, bring it out, put it away and keep repeating until your shield inevitably breaks. This helps you get a lot further distance in the air when combined with your paraglide stamina. In addition, it will also help you gain the ability to get the Hylian shield a lot faster which is the strongest shield in the game as you won’t need such a high stamina bar to do so using the rocket.

2. Flame thrower shield

Just as with the rocket above, you will want to use the Zonaite flame emitter and fuse it to your shield. Bringing out your shield with this allows you to literally reign fire on your enemies from afar. If you’re slick, you can keep other shields stock piled and quick swap them to continue multiple fuse abilities at once.

3. Magic attacks

That’s right! Link can now use magic thanks to the Fuse ability. There are gems in the game that you’ll find quite regularly with topaz, rubies and sapphire stones. Attaching these to any weapon in the game (or shield) adds elemental attacks. Topaz is lightning, rubies are fire and sapphires are ice. Now, throwing one of these on a boomerang can electrify an enemy and bring it right back to you. If you place on your shield, however, all you need to do is hold your shield up and touch an enemy for the corresponding attack. This serves as a double edged attack, especially if you parry them.

4. Double shields

This is a good way to double up on your inventory. It’s sneaky, too. Fusing a shield to your shield will essentially combine the two together for extra durability before it breaks. If you have a double shield in each spot, boom, double the inventory.

5. Double spears

Giving Link extra reach to attack enemies is always a good thing. A double spear provides him a huge advantage and, just as in the shields, allows you to double your inventory and weapon durability.

6. Spear whip

Adding a simple Lizafro tail to a spear will allow you to not only extend your reach with a weapon, but also make a sweet looking Indiana Jones style whip to beat down enemies with.

7. Wing shield

Throwing a wing onto a shield gives Link the use of a highly effective bow ability while on the ground. Link can slow time in the air when he takes out his bow, but can’t do so simply by jumping. Putting a wing on the shield allows him to jump and slow time from the ground by bringing it out and allowing him slow-motion arrow fire.

Now, there are of course so many uses to these combinations. Imagine if you will, Link rocket boosting up in the air and slow motion arrow shoot a keese eyeball arrow to lock onto enemies. Once you land, use a different flame emitter weapon to burn them only to walk into them with a sapphire shield and freeze them. Finish it off with a nice double spear attack for the cherry on top.

There are so many possibilities and we’ve only just begun to see some of the creativity by some gamers. Hopefully, these little creations help you out a little bit as well.