Best music in video games: From Halo to Horizon to Skyrim

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Halo was a revolutionary shooter and not many people who are gamers right now understand that. Halo combined the best of everything into one game. It provided an atmosphere that was new, built on groundbreaking technology from the late 90s such as Doom and Quake, and then provided a story that was thrown into it. Originally, Halo was supposed to be an open-world game Bungie quickly found out they could not make this game work on current technology.

Marty O’Donnell is a name heard around the gaming community for his ability to create music, as he did with the Halo soundtrack. Even to this day, Halo is one of the most recognized soundtracks out there; if you’ve ever played the game you know it when you hear it. The first Halo soundtrack gave us a new perspective on video game music. Up until this point, music wasn’t really something gamers cared about. Sure, you had Sonic and Mario Brothers, but those were more platforming games rather than dedicated FPS games. Games like Doom and Quake provided us with revolutionary gameplay but never took their music or storytelling too seriously. Halo gave us that.

Marty O’Donnell created a soundtrack that will forever be synonymous with the Xbox’s success and even moving on to Halo 3 (my personal favorite soundtrack), I will forever love it.

What are some of your favorite game sound tracks?