Best music in video games: From Halo to Horizon to Skyrim

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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn was a game I put off for far too long and have come to regret it. Up until about 2022 I had always had an Xbox because I liked the exclusive lineup they had. However, I loved the narrative-driven games that Playstation exclusives had. I finally got a PC and Horizon: Zero Dawn went on sale for Christmas of last year for the PC port and I left it alone for a few months. Horizon: Forbidden West has been rumored to be coming to the PC too and I’m here for it.

For a developer known for Killzone, Horizon: Zero Dawn has a unique storyline and gripping game play. The entire game is based around this beautiful world that has been destroyed by greed and cover-ups, something all too well known in society. That being said, my favorite part of this game is the score. The main theme is one of the best in any game and the way it captures the beauty of the game is amazing.; even the loading screen has music worth listening to.

Lucas van Tol was the music supervisor and provided the final version of the music. This music adds so much depth to an already fantastic game while bringing in a grounded sense. What’s also great is the ability to make the music sound like it’s from the future but also provide a time machine into ancient times with naturally built instruments and vocals that are soft.