Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: How to get to highest point in Harvest Ridge

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With a total of six planets in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there are a ton of areas to explore. One of these planets is Koboh. Koboh is the biggest planet in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and the primary planet that you will find yourself spending most of your time on. You will naturally get to explore Koboh from the ground, but you can also get a better look at the planet by getting a bird’s eye view from the Harvest Ridge territory.

How to reach the highest point in Harvest Ridge

Harvest Ridge is a territory located in the Rambler’s Reach region on the planet Koboh. There is an Achievement/Trophy called “King of the World” that requires you to get to the highest point of Rambler’s Reach. By reaching the highest point, you will not only get this Achievement/Trophy, but you will also get a beautiful view of the planet Koboh. However, getting to the highest point in Harvest Ridge isn’t as easy as you might think.

The first thing you are going to want to do is make your way to the Harvest Ridge territory on Koboh and look for a giant red barn. On the side of the barn you will find two Nekkos. These are both necessary to complete the barn puzzle you are about to begin.

Mount one of these Nekkos and head to the front of the red barn. You should see a metal sheet above the entrance to the barn. Jump on the Nekko and then jump off the Nekko while it is in midair so that you can reach the wall run on this metal sheet. Complete both of these wall runs, and it will lead you to the top of the barn where there is another metal sheet that you can pull open and access the barn from up above.

When you get inside the barn head to the back left corner of the barn and there will be a lever that is located near the ceiling. Force pull this lever down and hold it while the main entrance to the barn opens. While the gate is open, call your Nekko inside.

While you are on the Nekko, you are going to need to double jump off of the creature and make your way up to the top of the back left corner area. This is directly across from the lever that you just pulled to open the gate to the barn. When you reach the top grab the lever and hook it into the wall so that the gate of the barn will stay open without anyone holding it open.

Now that the barn door is open, go ahead and grab the second Nekko that was on the side of the barn. Bring this Nekko inside the barn and place him on top of the ramp that is straight to your right when you ride in. You can dismount the Nekko and leave him here for the time being. Go back and get on the second Nekko, double jump to get back up to where you locked the lever in place and release the lever. This will lower down the gate to the barn once again.

Now that the gate to the barn is closed, move the Nekko you left on the ramp, onto the bridge that lowered down with the gate. Place this Nekko on the gate and go ahead and go lock the lever back in place so that the Nekko rises with the bridge when the gate opens again. There is a lot of back and forth that takes place with this barn puzzle.

Now that the Nekko is raised up on the bridge with the barn open again, take your other Nekko and use it to double jump so that you can reach the Nekko that you just lifted up on the bridge. Now that you have the Nekko in this upper area, you can access the highest point in Harvest Ridge. Ride the Nekko outside the barn on this upper area and it will immediately lead you to a ledge that you need to jump off the Nekko to get on top off.

Now that you used the Nekko to jump up to the higher ledge when you leave the barn, you can simply begin climbing the giant yellow tower. This is the tower that takes you to the highest point. When you get to the top, you will get the Achievement/Trophy “King of the World,” and your journey will be complete.

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There will also be a Meditation Point on top of this tower so you should Meditate to claim this spot. Before you get down from this tower and continue on your Star Wars Jedi: Survivor journey, take in the view from up above. This is the highest point in Harvest Ridge and after all the work you took to get up here, you deserve to take a few minutes to take in the beautiful view.