Project V Release Date

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A new Battle Royale founded by five of the biggest content creators is on its way. Project V is coming to compete with Warzone 2, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and more.

Ali “SypherPK” Hassan, Jack “CourageJD” Dunlop, Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, and Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar all rose to fame playing Battle Royales, and now, they are building their own. The five creators and their partners, SuperJoy Studios, plan to incorporate all the best elements of Battle Royales to create a new gaming experience for the world.

Most of the details surrounding Project V are still a mystery, but the project announcement gave some insight into what we can expect.

"“With custom weapons, a full scale map, fluid movement and unique mechanics in our sights, we have ambitious plans to build something really unique,” said SuperJoy Studios."

With so much hype surrounding the announcement, fans want to know when they can expect Project V to go live.

Project V Release Date

Although there is no specific release date for Project V yet, the creators have confirmed it will be coming in 2024. The game is being built in Unreal Editor for Fortnite, and as the platform continues to evolve, the game might take a bit longer to release.

The creators also emphasized their desire to take their time building the Battle Royale so they can incorporate community feedback.

"“The heart of Project V is our community, so we’ll need your feedback and votes to shape our game,” said SuperJoy Studios."

Fans can head over to the official Project V Twitter to keep up with the latest information, as well as participate in the game design polls.

As you wait for the release, check out some of the best maps in Fortnite Creative 2.0, also built in UEFN.