Redfall: Easiest way to get Psychic Residue for your Ultimate

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One of the abilities in Redfall that can really help turn a battle in your favor is your character’s Ultimate. An Ultimate is a special ability that really helps you out in a big way in battle. The downside is you can’t use your Ultimate whenever you want. You need to earn Psychic Residue throughout the game to build up your Ultimate. Luckily, there are quite a few easy ways to acquire Psychic Residue to make sure that your character’s Ultimate is nearly always prepared to be used.

How to collect Psychic Residue

Perhaps the easiest way to collect Psychic Residue is to kill vampires. You are going to come across your fair share of vampires and killing them is something that is going to come naturally. When you kill a vampire, you should see a blue orb being dropped. This blue orb is the Psychic Residue, so don’t forget to pick these up after you go on your vampire killing spree.

There are also areas in Redfall that have tons of red mist scattered about. If you are looking to clear the red mist, all you have to do is to kill the bloodbag looking creature in the center of the red mist. When you kill the creature in the center of the red mist, you will be given a healthy portion of Psychic Residue and you are that much closer to filling your ultimate if it isn’t already filled. There is no benefit of having this red mist around the map, so clear it and get some extra Psychic Residue.

These are by far the easiest two way to collect Psychic Residue. You can also be on the lookout for Cultist’s Jars. Hunting these down for Psychic Residue will be a waste of time as they are very hard to find and are more on the rarer side of things. However, if you do find them, break them open and collect the Psychic Residue that is inside. Instead of hunting for the Cultist’s Jars, it is better to just be aware of them so when you come across them, you know exactly what to do with them.

Having your Ultimate built up as much as you can will help you out if you get stuck in some pretty messy situations. That is why it is always great to take advantage of clearing the red mist and going on vampire killing sprees every once in a while. Redfall is a game that is surrounded by vampires, so this should not be a problem at all.