Redfall: How to clear the red mist

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Redfall has a ton of threats that are integrated into the game to give you a tough time. Some of these threats are as complex as vampires, and some are as simple as a little red mist. If you have noticed the red mist scattered around the open-world map of Redfall, you should know that this mist is actually dangerous and will damage you if you try and enter it. Luckily, there is a way that you can get rid of the red mist and make the area safe to roam through again.

How to clear the red mist

There is a good amount of red mist that you will find throughout Redfall. The goal is to eventually clear all the red mist that you come across so that every area is safe to explore. If you decide to make your way through the red mist, you will begin to take damage. Instead of just avoiding the red mist entirely, destroying the red mist is the best case of action. Not only will the red mist be gone forever, but you also gain Psychic Residue for clearing the mist, making achieving your Ultimate that much easier.

When you come across these patches of red mist, look deep into the center of it. You should see something that looks like a bloodbag with a creepy creature coming out of it. This is what is keeping the red mist “alive.” You are going to need to destroy this gross looking creature.

Destroying the creature in the center of the red mist isn’t that hard. You are going to need to make sure that you use a UV weapon so that the rays of the UV turn the enemy in the center to stone. When the enemy is turned to stone, you can destroy the enemy really easily and basically anyway you want to. Even punching the stone will destroy the creature and the mist should clear.

If you run into the problem of the red mist not clearing when you destroy this bloodbagged creature, that must mean that there is another one in the red mist that needs to be destroyed as well. Depending on how large the area of red mist is covering, there may be more than one creature that needs to be destroyed.

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Now that you know how to clear the red mist, that is one less threat that you are going to have to deal with in Redfall. The more threats that you limit, the better off you become. If you are looking to get your hands on a copy of Redfall, the game is officially out now for Xbox Series X|S and PC.