Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: How to unlock Blue Battery Doors

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Very early on in your Star Wars Jedi: Survivor adventure, you may have noticed the Green Force Field Walls and the Blue Battery Doors. If you have tried to gain access to either of them, you have probably had no luck. That is because you are going to need to progress to a certain point in the story to unlock a certain special ability.

How to unlock Blue Battery Doors

Luckily, the special ability that you need to unlock these specific doors is impossible to miss. It is automatically awarded to Cal Kestis during a certain mission of the game. The exact name of the mission is called “Search for the Compass.” By the end of this mission, you will be awarded the Electro Dart. The Electro Dart is the special ability that you need to unlock the Blue Battery Doors.

This mission offers more than just giving Cal Kestis the Electro Dart. However, since the game hasn’t even been released for a week yet, I will hold off on spoilers. There are a lot of different events that take place during this mission that act as a spoiler.

There will be a point where you need to investigate what has happened with a Lucrehulk that has crashed. This is how you know you are getting close to unlocking the Electro Dart ability.

Since the “Search for the Compass” mission doesn’t present itself until later on in the story, enjoy the campaign for what it is before you go and try and unlock all these extra doors. They aren’t going anywhere and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story is worth not rushing through it.

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Unlocking the Blue Battery Doors isn’t the only use of the Electro Dart ability. The Electro Dart can also unlock red chests that you find on your journey. Unlocking these red chests may hold cosmetics, customization pieces, lightsaber parts, and much more. So, when you finally get the Electro Dart ability, there is a ton more content you can access in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.