5 actors we want to see in the Last of Us season 2

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The Last of Us season 2 will be featuring be featuring exciting new characters from the hit game’s sequel, The Last of Us Part II. With HBO announcing the show’s second season renewal in January 2023, new actors could be making their debut in the cordyceps-plagued world.


The first season of HBO’s hit show The Last of Us reveals that the revolutionary militia group Fireflies finds a cure against a 20-year-old zombie pandemic. Ellie, a young girl who is played by Bella Ramsey, makes a harrowing journey to share her immunity and transform it into a cure for the Fireflies. However, her protector Joel, who is played by Pedro Pascal, rescues her from the surgery that would develop the cure and kill her. With Ellie being unaware of the events during her procedure, the show ends with uncertainty about Ellie’s and Joel’s bond.

Emulating the plot from The Last of Us Part II, the second season of the show could certainly make higher stakes for beloved characters and tackle darker themes. Featuring stars from Stranger Things and the upcoming live action remake of the Avatar: The Last Airbender, here are five actors that would be a great addition to the show’s cast.

5. Sadie Sink as Abby

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Featured as another playable main character in The Last of Us Part II, Abby is one of the most controversial characters in the game. She’s an evil character in some fans’ eyes, while others believe that she’s an additional protagonist. In the final scenes of the first game, Joel murders a doctor who’s part of the Fireflies and is Abby’s father. Abby then tries to avenge her father throughout the game, which inevitably makes Ellie her enemy.

Abby is portrayed with a tough exterior and a determined attitude for enacting her revenge against Joel. The character struggles to balance her violent tendencies with her morals in this zombie-infested game.

Sadie Sink would act as an amazing Abby in The Last of Us Part II because she’s performed in roles with tough exteriors and subtle nuances of a softer heart. In Netflix’s Stranger Things, Sink plays Max Mayfield, joining the middle school group of fighting 80s-inspired monsters. With this role, Sink proves that she can become an action-packed and hardened character who transforms in the face of adversity, which would be a perfect match for playing Abby.