Dead Island 2: How to use the new skill deck system

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In the original Dead Island and its successor Dead Island: Riptide, the skill tree was unique to each playable character and presented a list of traits that you could put points into as you progressed through the game. The game also featured a “fury” slot that you could upgrade when you went into fury mode. In Dead Island 2, things are different, and the skill tree we all know very deeply is gone and replaced with a much more diverse and interchangeable system that allows for deep customization across all characters.

The skill tree has been replaced with a skill deck and is essentially comprised of skill cards that can be obtained through killing mobs, bosses, quests, etc. These cards can be selected at any time and can give you the edge when fighting specific zombies or in zones that have an abundance of one type of enemy. There are four major types of these cards and they are each unique with their own perks and upgrades:

  • Ability cards: These cards allow you to equip a unique active ability rather than a mere buff; they range from defensive blocks to offensive dashes and strikes.
  • Survivor cards: The survivor cards allow you to buff a specific ability card. You can add special effects to these actives with the survivor cards.
  • Slayer cards: Now, much like the survivor cards, the slayer cards allow you to buff an ability card even further. This is where the game’s deep customization allows you to make an ability truly unique with its own effects and they work in tandem with the survivor cards, as well.
  • Numen cards: Numen cards are very special cards only acquired with the completion of the 21st story mission, ‘The Search for Truth’. These cards have very powerful abilities and allow for extra slots and player-specific enhancements. They are very strong late game items that are quite difficult to obtain!

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With more playable characters than ever before and a vast array of cards to use at your disposal, Dead Island 2 presents a unique system where attacks and buffs combine to create legendary effects and allow you to tailor the zombie killing to your exact liking! Next time you visit HELL-A, be sure to have the right combination of cards equipped to ensure zombie destruction.