5 Best Fortnite Creative 2.0 maps to play

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4) The Forest- Horror Escape

Island Code: 7395-3026-2615

There is an abundance of horror maps in Creative mode, but The Forest-Horror Escape provides the most complex mini-game to keep players entertained. Instead of just running from an oversized doll or encountering cheap jump scares, this map gives players a story to follow and tasks to complete.

The map spawns players into a forest with only a flashlight to guide them through the darkness. As they explore the wilderness, they must complete each given challenge if they have any hope of survival. With creatures lurking in the darkness, you must be careful to remain hidden.

The loud audio of rustling bushes paired with the utter silence of the night makes for spooky gameplay, but nothing truly scary. The map is more so about completing the missions than experiencing any true horror elements.

3) City Free For All- All Weapons

Island Code: 1008-1364-5412

Fortnite meets Grand Theft Auto in City Free For All. Although the game does not require problem-solving or great gun skill, it is still a fun, unique mode to play in Creative 2.0.

The map spawns players in front of every vehicle ever included in Fortnite. Choose from a long list of cars, ATVs, Hoverboards, and motorbikes to explore the scenic beach landscape. Players can also grab a Baller and soar through the tall skyscrapers populating the surrounding city.

They can also choose from a variety of legendary and exotic weapons from past and present seasons to fill their inventories. The map does not offer rewards for getting kills, but you will want the best guns if you run into someone. And if you lose the fight, do not worry: respawns are enabled.

Your score will increase depending on the skill and difficulty of any car tricks you perform. The map might not be high stakes, but the overall vibe brings a relaxed, fast-moving challenge to Creative.