Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores – All Delver Trinket locations

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One of the new collectibles in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores are the Delver artifacts. 7 of these are scattered around the world to find, and doing so will net you the “Recovered the Delver’s Trove trophy. These are needed to 100% the DLC, so completionists will want to be on the lookout. Below, we show you the locations of all 7 and how to pick them up. Good luck!

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Cherished Trinket location

This first one is pretty easy to find. From the camp fire on the map, make your way over to the wooden ledge with the zip line and jump into the water. Don’t use the zip line. Manipulate the wooden box so you can climb up the sides in order to find the flask. One down!

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Mighty Pint location

The 2nd one is a mighty pint, which sounds mighty refreshing after all Aloy has been through on her journey. In order to grab this one, head over to the far center western edge of the map on the grassy section as shown. There’s a small building here with a trunk inside it. The pint is right on top next to a lantern.

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Lucky Porker

Fortunately, this one is not as difficult to find as it’s name is funny. Go to the spot on the map directly below the camp fire. Use your pullcaster to take out the wall and go down to the bottom to pick it up.

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Old Pot

This one is in the far North of the map. You’ll find the pot on a table outside at a camp type setup. It’s directly in front of a flag with red and white vertical stripes.

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Music Box

In the center, north of the map you’ll see a tree with a wooden frame, cave entrance at the base. Head inside and the music box will be just ahead.

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Hef the Hammer

Not sure why a hammer has a name, but whatever I guess. In order to find this head to the area on the map right below the shelter there. A wooden platform on ropes will be in the air. Pop on top of it and enter the cave to grab the hammer.

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Delver’s Cap

This last one takes you on a zip line across to a ledge. It’s just above and to the left of a machine site on the map. Go across the ledge and destroy the explosive debris in order to pick it up.

Once you have all 7, you’ll be able to follow the game’s trail to the next spot. It will be the “final” piece and let you pick up tje trophy. Oh yeah, you’ll also grab 15 Brimshine pieces. So, if you haven’t bought the new legendary gear yet for the trophy, it will help you grab that one as well.

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Hope this helps you on your way toward 100%. How are you enjoying Burning Shores so far? Let us know below.