EA Sports PGA Tour Review: Teeing off a new generation of championship golf

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Career modes are always a staple in sports games, and they’ve expanded so much over the year including the EA Sports PGA Tour games. From winning scheduled PGA Tour events to expanding upon that and adding the US Open. Then, they’d add The Open Championship and PGA Championship to go along with The Masters, which was considered the most demanded feature in the entire series. Well, all four of these majors, including The Masters make a triumphant return.

You begin your career by choosing where to start. You can begin in the amateur ranks and make your way to the tour, or you can jump right into the pros. Starting off in the amateur ranks is very cool as you get to play authentic championships like the U.S. Amateur or the Pacific Links Championships and then get amateur exemptions to the majors.

It’s really cool seeing the little (A) symbol next to your name on the leaderboard during the major championships. It’s a small detail but neat. And win you win important tournaments, you’ll see your golfer lift the trophy in a short ceremony.

Quick Rounds also make their return in EA Sports PGA Tour’s career mode. This was a mode of play in Rory McIlroy PGA Tour and it’s a very welcoming return feature. As the name implies, it shortens all of your rounds in career mode so instead of playing a full 18 holes, you’ll play the most critical holes under your circumstances. And then on Sunday, you’ll play the full back nine to give yourself more time to take the lead, extend it or, of course, fall out.

There are also challenges you take part in during your career as well. Many of these include sponsor-based ones which net you rewards such as clubs and apparel. The challenges themselves vary and there are plenty of them. Whether it’s sinking 12 out of 15 putts or defeating golfers like Hideki Matsuyama, it sort of takes you back to the EA golf games of old and that’s always good fun.