Does Dead Island 2 have split screen co-op?

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If you’re looking to play Dead Island 2 in local co-op, you might be wondering if the game has split screen. Here’s what you need to know.

Dead Island 2 has finally been released. The game launched on April 21, 2023 after almost ten years in development. After changing studio hands a few times, Dead Island 2 was finally released to the world thanks to Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver.

Players find themselves in HELL-A, a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles. The game is set ten years after the events of Dead Island, where the US government has put the state of California under full quarantine. Six individuals attempt to board one of the last evacuation flights out of Los Angeles: Bruno, Carla, Dani, Ryan, Amy, and Jacob. After the flight gets contaminated, with Infected having found their way on board, the flight goes down and the six individuals now must fight to survive what’s left of HELL-A.

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If you’re looking to tackle the California wastes with friends, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Dead Island 2 supports multiplayer with a max team of three people. To unlock co-op, players will simply need to progress through a certain part of the main story.

All players will need to be at roughly the same point in the story in order to join co-op, however. Players who have progressed further can join a game that’s further back, but not the opposite. You can’t skip through the story using co-op mode.

But what about local co-op? Can Dead Island 2 be played split-screen?

Does Dead Island 2 have split screen co-op?

Sadly, no. Dead Island 2 does not support local co-op or split screen. The only way to play Dead Island 2 in a multiplayer fashion is to play online.

Fewer games with multiplayer capabilities are supporting local co-op, favoring online multiplayer and co-op instead. Arguably, this makes for a better visual experience when each player has their own screen to play from. But, you can’t help but long for the old-school, couch co-op playthroughs of the 2000s.