Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores- Aerial capture locations

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Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is the newest DLC with a number of collectibles for you to pick up. One of these is a new type called aerial captures.  For these, you’ll need to find the “starting area” for each one and then fly through a number of pink rings with your mount. Once you make it through, you can pick up the capture by hitting R3.

There are 6 of these in the Burning Shores, and the final one can only be found once you get the first five. Below, we take you through the locations for each one and how to pick them up.

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First up, we have the North capture. It’s all the way at the top of the map just to the right of a Devotee outpost. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to take out the enemies to make it easier. Once in the area, hit your focus to see the pink color highlight where you need to go.

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Next, we have the east capture. This one is all the way on the right above the new and final Theta cauldron. An easy starting point is the fire right at the lava flow. Fast travel there and go on the path up, left northwest.  There’s some ruins right here where you can find the pink starting section with your focus.

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Third, we can go to the northeast section. As you see in the image, you can start right at the shelter and go down a little bit to save time. Once you are at the area, go into the building that’s falling apart in ruin and you can pick up the capture.

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The northwest is pretty easy to find as it’s on the island right above Fleet’s End. There’s a tiny path that if you walk up you’ll see a building you can go right in to find the capture.

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Fifth, we have the western capture. This was a pain for me at first. You’ll see a storm bird site way over on the west side. There’s a giant storm cloud that you’ll need to fly into and find the storm bird inside. Aloy will follow the bird and you’ll have to take it out. Once you do so, there’s three buildings on the island below. The capture is in the building on the middle island.

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Finally, there’s the south capture. As mentioned, you have to get the first five before this will pop up. It’s easy to find as it’s just south east of Fleet’s End near the shore.

Once you pick up all 6, you’ll snag the trophy and be on your way to 100% completion as all the collectibles are needed. You’ll also grab the Sea Star Outfit Dye, Spector Mandible face paint, 3 skill points and 3,000 XP. You also grab a lot of XP along the way to help on your way to level 60 and earning all the new skills.

The Burning Shores DLC is available now available solely on PS5 for $19.99.