Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to get the Primal Knife

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Chapter 13: Before you reach the lab, there is an area with a whole bunch of trucks. One of the trucks have a green forklift that is stabbed right to the side of it. In between the forklift and the truck will be the Castellan sitting on the floor.

Chapter 14: After the Amber Storeroom take the path that immediately is to the right. When you get to the top of the path and see the crates with the white cloth over them, make another right and head into the little office area. The Castellan will be sitting above the locker as soon as you walk inside.

Chapter 15: Make your way to the Specimen Storage area. When you run into the bodies that are hanging from the ceiling, you know you made it to the right area. Crouch under the hanging bodies and into the room with more bodies. Head all the way to the back of this room to head through yet another door. You should see a couple of hanging bodies hanging from a wooden beam. The Castellan is sitting atop these wooden beams.

Chapter 16: Finally, you have made it to the final Castellan. Located in the Underground Passage, head through the door where the enemy bursts through to start the countdown timer. You should see a green forklift inside and behind the forklift are tons of crates. The final Castellan is sitting on top of one of those wooden crates.

Once you have collected all 16 Clockwork Castellans you will unlock the Achievement/Trophy called “Revolution Wind-Up.” The Primal Knife will also be available to be purchased during you next playthrough at the Extra Content Shop for 1,000 CP.

What makes the Primal Knife so unique is what happens after it is upgraded fully. Once the Primal Knife has been upgraded all the way, it becomes indestructible. Meaning it will never break or require any repairs. If stealth is how you like to play the Resident Evil 4 Remake, there isn’t a better stealthy weapon than the Primal Knife. Even if stealthy is not how you play, it would be pretty cool to say that you have a weapon in your arsenal that is simply indestructible.

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