Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to get the Primal Knife

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Chapter 5: In the Village Square, make your way up to the Village Chief’s Manor. Once you are here, make your way up to the second floor. At the top of the stairs, hook a right and head into the bedroom. Behind the loose painting on the wall is a level. Activate this lever by pulling it. The lever will release a ladder from the ceiling that you can now interact with. Head up the ladder and into the attic where the fifth Castellan can be found behind a crate with yellow and green markings on it.

Chapter 6: During Chapter 6, you will be given the objective to “Escape from the Village.” At some point, you will see a giant pile of wood burning. You really can’t miss it. The Clockwork Castellan will be right next to the burning pile of wood.

Chapter 7: Once you have the Dungeon Key, use the key on the Dungeon Gate to unlock it. Head through the gate, up the stairs, and up the ladder. Turn right after you have climbed up the ladder and explore the area a bit. The Castellan is on the top of one of those shelves.

Chapter 8: Make your way to the Castle Battlements section of the map. When you arrive, drop down to the lower section of the area off to the right side of the wall. Follow the little path in this lower section of the area until you reach a locked gate and a ladder right next to it. Take the ladder all the way to the top and turn left. Walk around the entire upper area until you reach a dead end with the Castellan sitting on a couple of sandbags.