Rust Steam Auth Timeout: How to Fix

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Rust Steam Auth Timeout is a common error players might be running into when trying to play the survival game.

Steam remains one of the go-to platforms for PC gaming, though players run into some errors from time to time in different games. Rust is no different and the Steam Auth Timeout can occur when a player’s connection to a server and the game’s client disconnects. Here are some fixes to remedy the Rust Steam Auth Timeout.

Rust Steam Auth Timeout: How to Fix

Verify Game Files

Most Steam users will know how to verify the integrity of a game’s files in Steam as this usually works to remedy other errors in other games. To do so, go to your Steam Library and right-click on Rust. Click on Properties and then in the new window click on Local Files. There will be an option listed “Verify integrity of game files…” and a process will occur. After that, try restarting Rust to see if the issue persists.

Clear Your Download Cache

Players have reported that clearing Steam’s Download Cache can remedy the error. Go into Steam’s settings and click Clear Download Cache under the Downloads section.

Reinstall Rust

Not necessarily time efficient, reinstalling a game is always a go-to fix for most players with any games. If no other solution works, try reinstalling Rust.

If these possible fixes don’t clear up the Steam Auth Timeout issue, then perhaps it’s on the developer side. If so, players will just have to wait for either Valve or developer Facepunch to fix whatever is happening on the backend.