Cheapest 87 Rated Players FIFA 23: 10 Best to Buy

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Here are the cheapest 87 rated players in FIFA 23 and how to keep up to date with accurate prices on the transfer market.

Finding the cheapest rated players on the transfer market is vital to completing Squad Building Challenges efficiently. Players lacking certain fodder to submit segments want to make sure they aren’t paying over the odds on players. Especially when sometimes, players just guess what rating they need to get a requirement over the line.

Veteran FIFA players will know certain items to target, but prices can fluctuate based on supply and demand plus available content. Prices usually increase when there are popular, repeatable SBCs. Team of the Season is around the corner and it’s sure to include numerous SBCs including the Guaranteed TOTS for each league.

To make sure players are spending their coins wisely, here are the cheapest 87 rated players in FIFA 23 and how to monitor price increases and decreases.

Cheapest 87 Rated Players FIFA 23: 10 Best to Buy

The best resource to use is FUTBIN for monitoring player prices. Under the SBCs menu, there’s an option to select Cheapest Players by Rating. Under there, players can monitor general player prices. It’s best to use this considering most players will generally assume Rare Golds are the best option no matter what. In fact, there are cheap promotional items with high ratings.

As of Apr. 20, here are the top 10 cheapest 88 rated players on the transfer market, per FUTBIN:

  • Matteo Darmian – UCL Road to the Final – 22,750 Coins
  • Frenkie de Jong – Rare Gold – 23,500 Coins
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold – Rare Gold – 23,750 Coins
  • Mike Maignan – Rare Gold – 24,000 Coins
  • Thomas Muller – Rare Gold – 24,000 Coins
  • Andrew Robertson – Rare Gold – 24,000 Coins
  • Fabinho – Rare Gold – 24,000 Coins
  • Marco Verratti – Rare Gold – 24,000 Coins
  • Hugo Lloris – Rare Gold – 24,250 Coins
  • Antonio Rudiger – Rare Gold – 24,500

It’s important to track multiple players because a player might need another 87 on top of having one of the players listed above.

As tons of players use FUTBIN as a resource, make sure you double check player prices on the transfer market. And, as mentioned, these player prices should go up when demand increases. Investing in fodder when it’s low will help keep costs lower for SBCs when prices go up.

Check out the cheapest 88 rated players in FIFA 23 here as well if you need a higher rated item to complete an SBC.