Does Minecraft Legends have any multiplayer modes?

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The thing that makes Minecraft so amazing is the fact that you are able to create a world with some many of your friends. Those were the best times. Creating a world, building a house, harvesting crops, going on mining trips, and inviting your friends into your world so that they can do the exact same thing. Still to this day, the possibilities surrounding Minecraft are endless.

While Minecraft Legends is nowhere near the same as the original Minecraft, you can still have that same enjoyment with friends. You aren’t forced to play anyone else; however, the option is available if you want to do so. There are some games that are more fun solo, but playing video games with your friends make games even more fun.

Minecraft Legends will have two types of multiplayer game modes, Co-op and PVP. Co-op will allow your friends to join your world and their world and do battle against the Piglin enemies. In this mode, you are working together to take out the enemies that are thrown your way in Minecraft Legends. If you find yourself struggling to accomplish something in single-player, Co-op allows you to get help from your friends to make certain battles easier to deal with. Co-op is just the same as single-player except you will have a friend to help you through battles instead of riding solo.

PVP is a little different and is very similar to a Call of Duty-style play. PVP will consist of two teams of four players as you do battle against one another to see who comes out victorious. In this mode, you will need to find resources, build a defense, and try and take down the enemy before they take down your team. This mode is much more competitive and will require many different strategies depending on the teams you face off against.

Since Minecraft Legends is a strategy game, the idea of a competitive game mode such as PVP is genius. Gamers are very competitive and this PVP mode is going to grab the attention of a lot of players when you just want to take a break from the Piglin army and go against some other players around the world.

These are the only two multiplayer modes that are confirmed to be in Minecraft Legends. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mojang add other multiplayer game modes at some point in the near future. We know hunger games style modes have always been a fan favorite when it comes to Minecraft. If something were to be added like that in the future, it would not shock me one bit.

Crossplay is something that is also featured in Minecraft Legends through all platforms on both Co-op and PVP. If you have a friend on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or PC and you want them to join you while you play on Xbox, you will be able to invite them to your game. There is a lot of flexibility in regards to crossplay in Minecraft Legends.

You also won’t have to worry about losing your progress if at any point you decide to play Minecraft Legends on a different platform. Cross platform progression also exists, which is great to know if you ever decide you want to play on other platforms. The reason as to why this is so great is because you never will have to start over. Your progress is always being saved.

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What are you looking forward to most about Minecraft Legends? Are you going to strictly play it as a single-player experience, or do you plan on getting a group of your friends together to try and see if you can climb the leaderboards as the best Minecraft Legend players the blocky world has ever seen.