Clash of Clans: Best Town Hall 14 attack strategy

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Although Town Hall 15 arrived in Clash of Clans last year, attacking a Town Hall 14 can still provide some difficulty. If you’re struggling with three-starring your attacks at Town Hall 14, here are some attack strategies that may help you. Below you’ll find the ideal army composition, plus a quick walkthrough of how to deploy your troops.

Army Composition

  • Healers: 5
  • Baby Dragons: 1
  • Yeti: 7
  • Hog Riders: 8
  • Bowlers: 12
  • Wall Wrecker: 1
  • Heal Spell: 2
  • Rage Spell: 2
  • Jump Spell: 1
  • Poison Spell: 1
  • Clan Castle: 1 Rage Spell, 1 Freeze Spell +

How to execute the attack in Clash of Clans?

Start with Queen-Walk

The very first move in the attack will be to take down as many buildings as possible using your Healers and Archer Queen. This deadly combination of both is known as the Queen Walk.

Deploy the Archer Queen followed by 4 Healers at a corner of the base. Deploy 2 Yetis, four bowlers and one healer at the adjacent corner. Be careful in choosing the side. The side should be one from the strongest defenses can be destroyed.

Start your attack once a funnel is created

The reason to choose the adjacent side is to pave a way for other troops directly into the base. Upon clearing the side buildings, a funnel is created. Deploy the remaining Yeti and Bowlers with a Wall Wrecker.

The main army is now all set to start conquering. Follow these troops with the Barbarian King and Grand Warden. Once all the troops are deployed, the Eagle Artillery will be activated. Use Grand Warden’s Ability to provide your troops with an early start.

Use of Spells

Spells are a crucial factor in the attack. Try to use Rage Spell in such a way the sphere will cover most number of troops. The same goes for your Heal Spell. Your Poison Spell should be used for enemy Troops and Heroes.