10 Best NetNavi Designs from the Mega Man Battle Network series

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04) Plantman

The original Plantman is just gross. It has one of the worst color schemes I’ve ever seen and the design is just bad all around. The head petals, the spot pattern up top clashing with the stripe pattern down low, the weird random appearance of orange, and just when you think you’ve found everything bad here you notice those weird tufts of hair/leaves coming off it’s side like underneath all this mess there’s long unwashed hair.

The Battle Network design takes a lot of ideas from the original and makes them good. Swapping the head flower with a morning glory is just fantastic, turning the vines into pointed more threatening weapons looks wonderful. And replacing the original’s legs with something that just looks like wrapped up leaves looks really neat. Plus, the color scheme doesn’t look like a whole box of crayons fell into a fire.

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03) Slashman

The original Slashman is a sign of the times. Clearly inspired by Wolverine, this guy is all x-treme all day. At the time I thought he was cool as hell.

But man, look at it and look at the Battle Network Slashman. A heavy Chinese martial art theme replacing the over the top heavily detailed look with a simplified look that genuinely looks pretty comfy, Slashman looks competent as hell.

The design on the blades actually make them look sharp and menacing too, unlike Slashman who looks like he’s gonna be bopping you with metal cones. Such a great design.