10 Best NetNavi Designs from the Mega Man Battle Network series

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06) Toadman

I have zero love for the original Toadman as it just felt like someone went “Snakeman but toad”. So the concept of improving on Toadman’s design didn’t seem like that difficult of a task. But in this case, they went above and beyond.

In Battle Network Toadman is, essentially, someone’s mascot, thus the cute look. Not only does it have a lot more personality and versatility, but I love the fact that it’s face and the fact that it can hide it’s face is very similar to the famous Megaman “Metools” or…those hardhat looking robots.

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05) Starman

Who better for a completely massive glowup quite like a character who embodies stars. What does it MEAN to have star power? Outside of Guitar Hero I’m not entire certain. But one of these two absolutely has it.

Original Starman, let’s face it, sucked. They had the idea for a star themed boss and then slapped some gold star stickers on a basic Megaman body. It’s bad. The most threatening thing about him is that with all those weird points coming off him he’d be an absolute nightmare to your furniture.

But the Battle Network version absolutely earns a gold star. Strangely, designer Hayato Kaji thought the design was too plain and 2D looking but man, I love you dude but you’re wrong. This is perfect. The unique eyes, the shooting star pony tail, everything about this hits as the kind of thing I’d expect something that embodies stars would want to look like.