10 Best NetNavi Designs from the Mega Man Battle Network series

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The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is finally out and I wanted to take this time to remind people how absolutely gorgeous some of the designs in the game are. Specifically of the “NetNavis”.

NetNavis are the personal programs people use the access their version of the internet. Usually somewhat humanoid in appearance, they tend to take after the personality of their user while also having a line of offensive capabilities with which to battle viruses and bugs on the interwebs. Most of them are stunning recreations of famous Mega Man bosses.

Here’s 10 absolutely fantastic ones in no particular order. And for reference I’ll show their original look too so you can see how it compares.

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10) Roll

Starting right out the gate with one of the biggest changes. Roll went from being a stay at home support character to taking a more active roll.

From the massive translucent ring around the head to the more active armor design, this is probably one of the coolest looks Roll’s ever been given.

In an interview with designer Hayato Kaji, originally Roll’s design had a lot more sex appeal but was, thankfully, told to turn it down because they felt Roll’s character, the way she’s written, would have been embarrassed being dressed like that. And I’m glad they did because her final look is fantastic.

Screenshot-2023-04-10-at-9-36-43-AM /

09) Elecman

I know, I know, Elecman is one of the OG Robot Masters and his look is kinda timeless but he also looks like a dork. Deal with it.

The Battle Network redesign turns him into a confident master of his element. Is it a good idea to create something inside electronic devices that has a massive electrical conduit on it’s back? Probably not. But it’s hard to talk the idea down when it looks so damn good on it’s back.