The 15 most commonly used Marvel Snap avatars (and how we judge you for using them)

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Default Goose

Screenshot-2023-03-29-at-1-47-46-PM /

You know what man. I bet you unlocked this and was like “That’s not a human! That’s a kitty!” I bet that was all it took you for you to want to use this avatar.

And you know what? You did it. That’s enough. You know what you like and you went with it. Clear eyes, full hearts, cat avatar, can’t lose. Good on you for living your best life.

As an added bonus, your contribution allowed me to type “default goose” which is so fun to say.

Default Deathlok

Screenshot-2023-03-29-at-4-07-40-PM /

This one, first and foremost, tells people to get their Cosmos ready cause you’re about to play the same destroy deck everyone else is running. That’s a tell sign because, honestly, if you’re young enough to think cyborgs are still cool, I can’t imagine you’d shy away from filling your deck full of fun ‘splodies.

Default Red Skull

Screenshot-2023-03-29-at-4-19-17-PM /

Ah, the infamous Red Skull card. The literal “white privilege” card. The card that has incredible amounts of power, doubled when played with Shuri. The only downside is that you’re gaining the upper-hand with the help of a full-on Nazi.

But to use that same Nazi, as an avatar though. That’s something, especially after the last few years where literal Nazis have been marching around. I feel like you might own a porch torch or two that will never actually be used with a porch.

Punisher (honestly any variant)

Screenshot-2023-03-29-at-4-23-57-PM /

Speaking of ones you probably shouldn’t rock in 2023, I feel like if you’re sporting the Punisher I’m 40% certain I should have the cops check in on you if it wasn’t for the fact I’d be 85% certain you ARE a cop.

Seriously. Switch that boy out. We see you.

Misty Knight (any)

Screenshot-2023-03-29-at-4-27-12-PM /

Lemme just drop a complex barrage of hand shakes and fist bumps upon ye because you, sir or madam…have class. Nuff’ said.

So, was your avatar on this list? If not which one are you using in Marvel snap? What are your thoughts about some of the avi’s you see on a regular basis. Can you determine why more people use Aero’s avatar than have actually read a book with her in it? Let me know in the comments below.