The 15 most commonly used Marvel Snap avatars (and how we judge you for using them)

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Default Multiple Man

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This one is fun. You’re probably smug to be smug. You tell yourself that you haven’t gained a significant other yet because they don’t get you. You also probably order a drink at the bar that you can’t really stand because you think it makes you look more mature at the sports bar you frequent.

If there’s two things I can guess about you it’s that you probably think you’d kill at Trivia Night but don’t feel it’s worth joining, and you more than likely never read any books featuring Multiple Man as a main character.

Ancestors Variant Black Panther

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Nah. I got no ill will on this one, we’re cool. Wakanda Forever. *sound of arms hitting chest as they form a wrist X*

Dan Hipp Variant Hawkeye

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Sure, Hawkeye is a boring character with a main power that seems to be letting your opponent know where your next card is going to go to be played. He had the worst Disney+ show, and the star of that show tried forming his own social media where people could pay him money to have him like your post…sure, sure, sure.

But you know what makes this avatar special? It was free and given to everyone.

For real, this is the “we have food at home” avatar equivalent.

Default Death

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I don’t know what it is about this avatar but I can’t help but think that if you use it you’re not only someone who’s complained that “women just don’t want nice guys” but you also think that the “friend-zone” is real and it’s not just that you’re unlikable.

You’ve also probably asked girls for a “tattoo tour” on TikTok. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I think this but I know it in my heart to be true.

Default Infinaut

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Okay, hipster. Listen, don’t even play like you were excited to see the Infinaut. I’ve been reading comics, mostly Marvel, for over 30 years now and I still had to look up ol’ Johnny Fishbowl. No one is going to believe you’re familiar with the character and if they do they’re going to think you have terrible taste because Ultimates (Vol 3.) was just hot garbage pizza.

Like, great team, great idea, and it gave us a lot of Blue Marvel for once but…man. That was such a boring read and I know you don’t remember it if you DID read it.