The 15 most commonly used Marvel Snap avatars (and how we judge you for using them)

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Marvel Snap, in addition to the hundreds of cards you can choose to deck out your…deck…with, has many other collectables. Things like card backs, titles, avatars are some of the ways you can express yourself in the game.

Many of the cards in the game have an avatar of some sort that is a close-up of faces and there are hundreds. But despite the overwhelming amount of avatars available, many people seem to use the same ones. So…here’s what it says about you when you use these. In no particular order.

Rainy Wolverine

Screenshot-2023-03-29-at-12-46-35-PM /

You’ve got a dark mind frame, people don’t always get your jokes when decide to try and be funny because they “don’t get it”, and your mom has given you encouragement that one day you’ll get more followers on Twitch. You just need to be yourself.

Seriously, calm down edgelord. This avatar is like wearing a metal shirt with a cuss on it to a Denny’s.

Default Green Goblin

Screenshot-2023-03-29-at-12-49-33-PM /

They say that acceptance is the sixth step on the road to recovery so you’re halfway to fixing what’s wrong with you. Unfortunately, this acceptance is the fact that you play the Goblin cards despite everyone wanting to rip your phone from your hand and not give it back until you’re older.

Seriously, playing Goblin cards is the equivalent of just reaching across a table and knocking over your opponent’s pieces. I wouldn’t even let me 7-year-old get away with that.

Default Strong Guy

Screenshot-2023-03-29-at-12-52-26-PM /

This one’s complicated. You either:

A) Are just really surprised that Guido @#$%ing Carosella is in the game and wanted to sport it thinking you’d be a minority…you’re not though.

B) Think the name is really cool despite not knowing the character is absolutely terrible and is a near blind, super strong character prone to heart attacks.

C) You have terrible taste in hair.

Default Agent

Screenshot-2023-03-29-at-12-58-31-PM /

“Meh, avatars are stupid and worrying about them is silly.” That’s you. That’s how you sound.

Yes, avatars ARE stupid, but you’re playing a game. Have fun with it. Pick a character. No one’s going to see this and think “wow, what an unwavering spirit”. Get over yourself, kid.

Default Morbius

Screenshot-2023-03-29-at-1-02-08-PM /

You still think the “It’s Morbin’ Time” meme is funny. You think that by having this as your avatar people are going to think you’re hilarious for perpetuating the concept of putting Morbius in everything.

Or, OR, you actually think Morbius is a good character in which case, god help you, you broken broken man.