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How to start God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus

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God of War Ragnarök has finally been given a New Game Plus mode. Here’s how to start it in your playthrough.

Despite releasing back in early November 2022, Santa Monica Studio has just now rolled out New Game Plus mode for God of War Ragnarök. Players who have completed the emotional main story can relive it all again, this time with more tools and upgrades at their disposal. Equipment, weapons (including the Draupnir Spear), and all skills will carry over to the new game, so you’ll be more equipped than ever to take on the game’s many foes.

As an extra treat, Santa Monica Studio have added in some more armor to God of War Ragnarök — including the Armor of the Black Bear. Players will recognise this as what Kratos is wearing in the opening scene of the game. The armor protects Kratos from Fimbulwinter frost with stats focusing on Strength and Defence.

The New Game Plus run will begin with the Armor of the Black Bear equipped.

So, with all this to look forward to, how can players start their New Game Plus run?

How to start God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus

To start God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus, you first need to have completed the game’s main story once. Once you have done that, follow these steps:

  • Load up your completed save file and wait for the game to start.
  • Once the game has loaded, open the menu and select “New Game Plus” from the options.
  • You will be prompted to choose a difficulty level for the new game plus playthrough. Select the difficulty you want to play on and confirm your choice.
  • After that, the game will begin anew, but with all of your previously acquired items, skills, and upgrades intact

Note that New Game Plus mode will be significantly more challenging than your first playthrough, so be prepared for a tougher experience. Additionally, some items and abilities may be locked until you progress through the story again, even if you had them unlocked in your previous playthrough.