Overwatch 2: New Lifeweaver Hero release date, abilities, much more

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There are currently 36 playable Heroes in Overwatch 2. With the large pool of Hero selection, there are characters for all styles of gameplay. Blizzard has decided that 36 Heroes would not be enough, so Blizzard announced that a new Support Hero would be added into the game very soon.

Lifeweaver will be the newest Support Hero to soon be added into Overwatch 2 when Season 4 kicks off on April 11. Lifeweaver is a very unique Support Hero as he has some pretty powerful abilities, and an Ultimate that can be used in a variety of ways to gain benefit from. As a Support Hero, the job of Lifeweaver is to provide support for Tanks and other Heros when they are in battle.

Lifeweaver’s Abilities

  • Healing Blossom (Primary Fire)
    • Allows you to hold a charge on a flower bud that maxes out at 65%. You are able to fire this charged flower bud at teammates in order to heal them. The more charged the flower bud is, the more health will be granted to your teammates. You are able to fire quicker healing bursts at your teammates, but the little heals aren’t as effective as when this ability is charged up.
  • Thorn Volley (Alternate Fire)
    • While Lifeweaver is a Support Hero, he does feature an offensive attack in Thorn Volley. Thorn Volley shoots shard projectiles towards enemies and does a tremendous amount of damage, and also has a very generous distance that this reach. The fire rate lasts about 6 continuous seconds with a 1.5 second cooldown rate. Thorn Volley is very similar to the Needler from the Halo franchise, except that these shards are coming out of Lifeweaver’s hand and not a gun. For being a Support Hero, Thorn Volley does a ton of damage. You should not have any problems dealing with enemies if you are being attacked.
  • Petal Platform (Secondary Fire)
    • Lifeweaver tosses out a giant flower petal platform on the ground. This platform will stay on the ground forever, or until you decide to spawn a second one somewhere else. You can only have one petal platform spawned at once, but it won’t disappear until you get rid of it.
    • The Petal Platform is activated once a teammate or an enemy steps on it. Once an entity steps onto the platform, it will life that said entity into the air about 10-12 feet high. This is a great ability to get to higher places that you can’t normally reach or to evade enemies. However, since the Petal Platform works for both enemies and teammates, you got to be careful with how you use this ability.
    • Each Petal Platform has 400 HP and you can use it as a shield as well. If enemies are firing at you while you are on the Petal Platform, you can use the petals on the platform to shield from incoming attacks. Once the Petal Platform is in the air, it will destruct in roughly 8 seconds. So that is something to be aware of.
  • Rejuvenating Dash
    • If you are low on health and need to escape an onslaught of attacks, Rejuvenating Dash is going to be the ability to use. Rejuvenating Dash allows you to quickly dash, while healing you about 25 HP per second. This ability also only has a 5 second cooldown. It might not seem like a lot of healing, but you will heal fairly quick thanks to the dash feature of getting to cover more quickly. By the time that you dash away and run to cover, the 5 second cooldown should be ready for you to use Rejuvenating Dash once again.
  • Life Grip
    • If used correctly, Life Grip can come to prove its worth. Life Grip allows you to pull a teammate towards you to get them out of trouble. You can also manipulate Life Grip to pull enemies towards you so that you can get the kill easier. You can even use it to give teammates a better positioning over the enemy for areas that those Heros would not be able to reach.

Lifeweaver’s Ultimate/Passive

  • Tree of Life (Ultimate)
    • Tree of Life is a HUGE Ultimate, literally. When you go to use your Ultimate, you have the option to place down a giant tree wherever you like. The Tree of Life heals everyone in the radius 150 HP immediately upon placement. You can see the radius of the Tree of Life before you place it down. This is a great way to heal yourself, and all of your other teammates at one time.
    • The Tree of Life doesn’t just stop at the instant heal. The tree also does 8 pulses of 50 HP healing per pulse. That means that it will do a max heal of all of your teammates in the radius of the tree of 550 HP.
    • The Tree of Life also has 1000 HP. If enemies are trying to destroy it, it will take quite some time. This can also be used to your advantage. You can place the Tree of Life in a building and use it for cover. Not only will you get the benefits of healing, but you also get the benefits of a giant cover from enemy fire.
  • Parting Gift (Passive)
    • Upon death, Lifeweaver drops a giant blossom on the ground. If this blossom is picked up by a teammate, it will heal them 250 HP. If this blossom is picked up by the enemy, it will heal them 75 HP. Yes, this means that the Parting Gift can be taken advantage of by your teammates and the enemies. However, it will only stay on the ground for 12 seconds after you die.

As you might be able to tell, Lifeweaver is going to bring tons of new opportunities to Overwatch 2. Overwatch 2 already has tons of different Hero combinations, the addition of Lifeweaver is definitely going to add a new sprinkle to the mix.

Will you be using Lifeweaver during Season 4 of Overwatch 2 when it kicks off on April 11, or are you fine sticking with the Heroes that you are already familiar with?

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