Storyteller review: A puzzle-solving game for everyone

Annapurna Interactive
Annapurna Interactive /

Title: Storyteller
Developer: Daniel Benmergui
Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
Platforms: Nintendo Switch (reviewed on), PC
Release Date: March 23, 2023

Annapurna Interactive’s new game, Storyteller, is a fun puzzle-solving game unlike any other. You’re probably wondering, how is it like any others? What kind of puzzles do I have to solve? Unscramble letters? Figure out patterns? Escape rooms? Nope.

Annapurna Interactive
Annapurna Interactive /

In Storyteller, the play is in charge of making a short little comic strip telling a story that is summed up by the title.

Yep. You are literally the storyteller.

Annapurna Interactive
Annapurna Interactive /

Storyteller brings you magical storyboards based off our favorite fairytales like Snow White and The Princess and the Frog while still coming up with new stories for you to discover. The player selects (or, if playing it on the Nintendo Switch, drags and drops) the characters onto the panels and watches as the story unfolds, matching its title. The stories start simple and evolve, changing themes, adding more characters, needing certain twists to happen for specific outcomes, and it also gives you the ability to change the setting of the specific scene.

Annapurna Interactive
Annapurna Interactive /

I know some are looking at this and thinking this is easy as pie, but beware: the complexity of the stories and the amount of feelings and events that need to be provoked rises with each new chapter in the book, and you only have a maximum of six screen to tell your story.

I have to admit, a handful of puzzles had me starring at my screen for 15 minutes per try, with about ten tries each before I was able to match the title and clear the story. And,  some stories also allow you to change the story by following an alternate title presented once you clear the main story.

The final puzzles are more complex, with the very last one being a complete doozie.

Overall, Storyteller is one of the most pleasant, fun, cute, and exciting puzzle games I’ve recently played. It’s for the whole family to enjoy and solve together – I actually had to pretend my Switch was dead so my six-year-old twins would stop taking it from me. I’m sorry, girls!

I truly enjoyed Storyteller and I can’t recommend it enough.

Storyteller (Nintendo Switch) Score : 9.5/10

Storyteller is one of the most pleasant, fun, cute, and exciting puzzle games I’ve recently played. It’s fun for the whole family to enjoy and solve together.

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