Best Hitting View in MLB The Show 23

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Finding the best Hitting View in MLB The Show 23 is important for those wanting to get comfortable at the plate with any batter against any pitcher.

There are multiple Hitting Views at players’ disposals in MLB The Show 23. Seasoned veterans returning to the franchise will know what their go-to settings are, but newer players might be looking for the best option available. Of course, settings like these come down to player preference at the end of the day, but most players agree when it comes to Hitting View.

Here’s the best Hitting View in MLB The Show 23.

Best Hitting View in MLB The Show 23

Players should opt to use Strike Zone 2, or Strike Zone High when hitting. Either view will give players a good understanding of the strike zone, reading the pitcher, batter swings and stances. Players can also go the extra step and change their Pitching View to the same setting to ensure a unified view across both areas of the game. Throwing certain pitches in the same view can help give a player an idea of what it would look like if an opponent was to throw the same pitch.

Strike Zone 2 is a bit more of a basic view essentially creating the viewpoint of the catcher behind the plate. Strike Zone High is higher and tighter to the zone with less view of the area below the zone.

MLB The Show 23 is available now.