Diablo IV Beta: How to reach maximum level 25 fast

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Diablo IV’s second beta weekend has become and is open to everyone. Like the Early Access weekend, the max level during the open beta is level 25.

I wish I could say that leveling up in Diablo IVwas easy, but it takes a lot of hard work. There are certain tips you can follow that will make leveling up a bit quicker and more efficient, however.

Tips to get to level 25 fast

  • Increase your difficulty
  • Clear Strongholds
  • Clear Dungeons
  • Play with friends
  • Complete Side Quest

Diablo IV is not an easy video game by any means, but you still should consider playing on a higher difficulty such as Veteran difficulty. The higher the difficulty that you play on, the more experience you will receive. By playing on Veteran difficulty, you will earn 20% more experience. That 20% boost will add up a ton, especially since you will be encountering hordes of enemies to defeat. After quite a while of playing on a higher difficulty, you will notice a difference in the quickness of you leveling up.

You are also going to want to take advantage of the tools that the Diablo IV Beta gives you. There are Strongholds, Dungeons, and tons of Side Quests that you can complete. Take advantage of this additional content. Sure, playing through the Main Quest will net you a decent amount of experience, but you won’t reach max level just by playing through the main story. You are going to have to grind. Clearing out Strongholds and Dungeons will get you tons of experience just from the enemies that you encounter. There are three Strongholds and a handful of Dungeons that can be found and conquered throughout the Diablo IV Beta. These weren’t added into the game for show. Use these to your advantage and watch the experience pile in.

Side Quests are the same. The Main Quests might have a majority of your attention, but some of the Side Quests can be just as fun. Since this is just the Diablo IV Beta, you are only going to be given a small portion of the full game — the prologue and Act 1 to be exact. When you finish the Main Storyline, you are going to need more content to keep you busy. Side Quests, Strongholds, Dungeons, and maybe even some of the Events that take place within the game, is where you will focus lots of your time.

Finally, if you are familiar with the Diablo franchise, you know that the franchise is built around multiplayer. In fact, you can’t even play Diablo IV offline even if you wanted to. That being said, you don’t have to play with friends, you can still play solo. However, playing with friends has its advantages.

If you play multiplayer with players who aren’t in your party, you will be granted a 5% XP bonus. This makes it so that even if you don’t even know the people you are playing with, you will still be granted a 5% bonus. It gets even better if you are playing with friends that are in your own party. Doing this will grant an additional 5% XP boost making the overall boosted XP up to 10%. Regardless of if you know the players or not, playing with others is a great way for some added experience points.

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Getting to level 25 in the Diablo IV Beta isn’t going to be easy, but using these tips will certainly help you get there faster. If you didn’t get the chance to play the beta during the first weekend, get ready for weekend number 2. The Diablo IV Beta is free to play. So, why not give it shot?