Will Resident Evil 4 remake include Separate Ways campaign?


Resident Evil 4 remake is launching on March 24, but will it include the Separate Ways bonus campaign?

The original Resident Evil 4 has received a number of re-releases since its 2005 release, including Resident Evil 4 HD. What made this release so notable was its inclusion of a bonus campaign called “Separate Ways.”

In this campaign, players assume the role of Ada Wong who is on her own mission parallel to Leon’s in the village. Separate Ways had five Chapters and has Ada encountering many of the foes and characters throughout the story as Leon does in the main game. Ada has slightly faster movement speed, different melee attacks and can reach areas using her Hookshot ability that Leon couldn’t before.

With Ada making a return in Resident Evil 4 remake, and with the game set to preserve the essence of the original game, players are wondering if Separate Ways will be included.

Is Separate Ways in Resident Evil 4 remake?

At the time of writing, Capcom has yet to confirm if Separate Ways will be included in Resident Evil 4 remake. So far, there’s only been speculation over the additional campaign.

We know Ada Wong is featured in Resident Evil 4 remake and, with Capcom having already confirmed that the game will have a reimagined storyline, it’s possible that we could see the events of Separate Ways woven into the main game.

As for Resident Evil 4 remake’s DLC, Deluxe Editions ship with a DLC pack containing cosmetic items for Leon, the ‘Original Ver.’ Soundtrack Swap and Treasure Map: Expansion which leads Leon to some in-game loot. Given that this loot is locked behind DLC, it lead some users on ResetEra to ponder what else will only be available through future paid DLC. “I don’t believe for a second Separate Ways is going to be included with the base game,” they said.

For now, though, Capcom has remained quite on the Separate Ways topic. Perhaps more light will be shed come launch day, on March 24.