Does beating Metroid Fusion on Nintendo Switch unlock the Fusion Suit in Prime?

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When Metroid Prime Remastered dropped on the Nintendo Switch out of seemingly nowhere, I was stunned. Not only was it a way to replay a great game but they also put in a ton of work making it look exceptionally gorgeous. Everything from the original was there save one thing, the Fusion Suit.

If you’re unfamiliar with the excellent Fusion Suit, it’s the one you get from the aptly named Metroid Fusion when Samus becomes infected by the X virus. It’s amazing and adds something to the Metroid series you almost never get to see…the color blue.

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I love the suit. So much. But Metroid Fusion had another cool thing beyond just the suit (and a great story). If you beat Metroid Fusion, you could link your GBA to your Gamecube via cable and unlock the Fusion Suit in Metroid Prime.

It didn’t do anything to the game itself. The suit didn’t add new abilities, it was just really cool to see the visual effects of the suit, including the color changes as you gained upgrades.

When the Remaster came out there wasn’t a Fusion suit in sight. And, obviously, I can’t link my old GBA to the Switch either so how do we unlock it? Well, as I predicted in my review, I thought: “Maybe if they come out with Metroid Fusion on the GBA channel you can beat it and get the suit.”

Wouldn’t you know, shortly after, Metroid Fusion comes to the GBA channel. This is a sign, right? So I hopped into the excellent but short game and beat it.

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Man, if only I was two minutes earlier. But I beat it so…let’s get that suit!

Let me just go ahead and hop into Metroid Prime Remastered and…hmm.

Okay, let me check all the menus and the extras…


Well, I checked everything and…nothing.

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That’s really disappointing. I genuinely thought that was going to work. Especially with the timing being so perfect. But here we are, suitless. So to answer the question, nope. Beating Metroid Fusion on Nintendo Switch does not unlock the Fusion Suit in Prime? Bummer.

Maybe someone can beat the game and get one of the better endings for 100% completion and prove me wrong but I still got a decent ending and it unlocked nothing.