Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: 5 things to know before you play

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3. Understanding Spirit and the Spirit Gauge

Spirit is used in every combat that you come across in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, hence why it is so important that you understand what it is. Think of Spirit as a combination of your standard Mana and Stamina.

You use Spirit for roughly about everything. When you perform a spell, you use Spirit. When you perform Martial Art attacks, you use Spirit. This is a feature in the game to prevent you from spamming your Martial Art attacks or spells. You need to find balance with your Martial Art attacks and your normal attacks.

Every time you successfully land a regular attack or deflect an incoming attack you will gain Spirit. This is why it is important to throw in a mix combination of attacks. If you are hit or you decide to dodge out of the way, you begin to lose Spirit.

Once your Spirit Gauge reaches its lower limit, you will be stunned and vulnerable to some pretty powerful attacks. This is why you should never let your Spirit Gauge get to this point.

Enemies also have Spirit Gauges just like you do, and they work the same exact way. If you master the art of lowering your enemies/bosses Spirit Gauge, you can do some pretty devastating attacks on them and make defeating them a whole lot easier. Work smarter, not harder.