Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: How to save your progress

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty isn’t the longest game ever made, but it has a pretty decent length to it. You will have no shortage of Main/Side Quests to accomplish or enemies to defeat. However, there will come a time where you decide it is time to call it quits for the day. When that time comes, and it will come quickly because of how invested you are in the game, you are going to be looking for the save option.

Unfortunately, there is no direct save option that you may originally be looking for. Team Ninja didn’t want to make a hard enough game any easier by adding a save button. Instead, you have to save in a more complex fashion.

Actually, it isn’t as complex as you may think, but because there is not just a save button, it is more complex than your standard video game. All you have to do is locate a Battle Flag and interact with it. If it is a new Battle Flag great, if it is one that you have already raised, interact with it using the “Rest” feature to save your progress. If you quit without interacting with a Battle Flag, you are most likely going to spawn at the last Battle Flag you interacted with. If that Battle Flag happened a decent time ago, you will lose a decent amount of your progress.

These Battle Flags that you find have more meaning than just saving also. They can be used to level up, heal, and even unlock new spells. The more Battle Flags that you find, the more flexibility you will have during your playthrough.

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Anytime that you do something major in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty like finding any rare weapons, or make any major upgrades, it is probably a good idea to head over to one of your Battle Flags and save your progress. While it isn’t a traditional way of saving your game, at you have some sort of way of saving your game. The last thing you would want to do is accomplish something major just to have that accomplishment wiped away because your forgot to interact with a Battle Flag.