Atomic Heart: How to find all three talking dead animals

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Atomic Heart is a video game that showcases what would happen when technology decides to go rouge and tries and destroy humanity. Well, that is just the tip of the overall storyline. If that doesn’t sound scary and weird enough, there are also three dead animals that you can locate and talk to. By talking to the three dead animals (cow, pig, and chicken), you will unlock the “Beast Friend” Achievement/Trophy. These animals aren’t too difficult to find, especially when you know exactly where to begin looking.

Talking Dead Cow Location

In order to find the Talking Dead Cow, you are going to want to first open up the map and locate Testing Ground 6. Testing Ground 6 is located in the middle of Testing Ground 1 and Testing Ground 9. You are going to want to travel West of Testing Ground 6 on the other side of the lake. The cow will be laying in the field.

Talking Dead Pig Location

The next talking dead animal you can go out and find is the pig. The pig is located almost in the middle of Testing Ground 2 and Testing Ground 10. If you travel a tad Southeast from Testing Ground 10 you will come across a log cabin surrounded by a broken-down wooden fence. Look around the outside of the house and the pig will be lying next to a haystack, some tires, and a canoe that is leaning up against the cabin. When you talk to the pig, he will let you know how hungry he is and that he hasn’t eaten in a very long time.

Talking Dead Chicken Location

The third and final talking dead animal that you can locate is the chicken. The chicken can be found Southeast of Testing Ground 11. The exact area is right by the railroad tracks as you are approaching the bridge.  If you are looking at the yellow bus and the Safehouse, you will turn and look to the left and you will see a pile of blood on the ground next to the tree. Here is where the chicken can be found.

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Once you have finished talking to all three dead animals, you will unlock the “Beast Friend” Achievement/Trophy. If you know exactly where to find these animals, this won’t take you long to complete at all. There are only three of them and they are all fairly easy to get to. All you have to do is travel around the map a little bit. If you are love to 100% video games by completing and collecting everything there is to offer, this is something quite easy to check off of your Atomic Heart checklist.