Atomic Heart: How to access Hardcore Mode difficulty setting

Mundfish /

If you are someone who likes to face a bit more of a challenge, someone who loves to hunt for Achievements/Trophies, or someone who likes a little of both, then you are going to want to try out Hardcore Mode in Atomic Heart. When you first load up Atomic Heart, you will notice that you have three difficulty settings to choose from. Peaceful Atom is the easiest mode, Local Failure is the medium mode, and Armageddon is Atomic Heart’s hard mode. If this is your first time playing, chances are you are going to start out with Local Failure or Peaceful Atom. However, it is intersting that Hardcore Mode is not even an available option to choose from.

With certain video games, special modes similar to Hardcore Mode aren’t always available from the start. But it appears that even after you have beat the game, Hardcore Mode isn’t made available to choose from. There have been lots of speculation when it has come to Hardcore Mode and there hasn’t really been a definitive answer on how to access Hardcore Mode as of yet.

There are a handful of gamers who thought after you beat the game, Hardcore Mode would have unlocked. That wasn’t the case. There was also the rumor that Armageddon was really Atomic Heart’s Hardcore Mode. Once again, this wasn’t the case and multiple gamers have completed the game on Armageddon and didn’t receive the “Atomic Heart” Achievement/Trophy.

With there being so many bugs that Atomic Heart has been having with their Achievements/Trophies, this one can very well be bugged. Maybe Armageddon really is Hardcore Mode or maybe Mundfish hasn’t even added this feature into the game as of yet. Maybe they plan on adding it at some point down the line as part of DLC? Maybe it is already in the game and there is a secret way to access it that no one has figured out yet.

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Regardless of whatever the case may be, Hardcore Mode has stumped a lot of gamers so far and once things are made clearer either by Mundfish or the gaming community on how to unlock this mode, no one really knows what to do. At this point, all you can do is wait to see if Mundfish ever makes a statement in regards to Hardcore Mode or until someone playing Atomic Heart figures out a way to access it. Right now, there is no clear answer.