Does Atomic Heart have Co-Op or Multiplayer gameplay?

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Many gamers have already begun playing the futuristic FPS RPG from Mundfish, Atomic Heart. If you are unfamiliar, Atomic Heart is a game where robots are in charge or doing hard labor. However, these robots have gone rogue and have started rebelling against humanity.

Atomic Heart was one of this year’s most anticipated games and is one of the top video games that have released in February this year. Not everyone is a fan of video games that are only single-player, but if done correctly, a single-player game can really excel. That brings the up a very good question.

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Does Atomic Heart have Co-Op or Multiplayer?

You will notice that when you first begin your journey in Atomic Heart, it is all single player. However, that doesn’t always mean that the game doesn’t have any sort of Co-Op. Unfortunately, in this case, it does. Atomic Heart is solely a single player video game and does not feature any sort of Co-Op or multiplayer gameplay.

For some, this news will come as a major disappointment. However, Hogwarts Legacy is a single player only game and look at the success that has come form that video game so far. Mundfish will be focused on making sure that the single player experience is exceptional, and they have no plans on adding Co-Op or multiplayer any time soon.

Robert Bagratuni, the Atomic Heart game director, has previously stated that Co-Op would not be in the cards, but it appeared to be closer than many may have thought. Interestingly enough, Bagratuni did state the following in regards to various other online features:

"During the development process, we made the tough choice to abandon some ideas, even very big ones, like multiplayer. It was painful to have to make those kinds of choices, but it was the right decision. You don’t have to chase trends when you create something new and innovative."

It appears that instead of trying to force multiplayer or Co-Op into the game, they rather try and go down a different path. We do know that there are already confirmed DLC for Atomic Heart for the future, but I doubt Co-Op would be a part of any of the future DLCs. With that being said, I wouldn’t expect there to every be Co-Op in the video game.

There will be plenty of robotic companions that you will come across on your journey that will give you more than enough company. Enjoy the game for what it is, and you will not be disappointed. This is a game that doesn’t need multiplayer and Mundfish will do everything in their power to prove that fact to everyone.

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Atomic Heart is available now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you are someone who own Xbox Game Pass, you can play Atomic Heart for no extra cost as the game was made available on Xbox Game Pass on day one of its release.